As three diverse and multi-skilled teams using sector-agnostic problem-solving methodologies, we provide a wide range of commercial services to our clients.


Each of our teams works on strategy projects for our clients. Always, a single partner is the point of contact on any project.

Strategy work includes business, brand, and marketing strategy, consulting, offshoring and outsourcing, operations design, and devops.

Strategy at LightningSloth


The design team works with clients on projects including branding, graphic design, UX, mobile application, web design, and service design projects.

Design at LightningSloth


The marketing team works with clients on customer relationship management and systems integration.

Marketing at LightningSloth


The tech team works with clients on projects for mobile application development, cloud deployments, and website development.

Tech at LightningSloth

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Philosophy + Ethics

We are deeply involved in value creation over value capture, not an hourly billing shop or short-term project shop. Our teams analyse systems and build solutions rather that talk in abstract terms about what can be done.

Impact Clients

At LightningSloth, we understand that impact, both social and environmental, is difficult and necessary work; our world is faced with serious problems about the environment and bringing opportunities to everyone.

We believe that consultancies like LightningSloth can make a difference by helping early-stage business with green products, social enterprises, and non-profits build better systems for world-changing.

While we are not currently in a position to offer broad discounts or work gratis, we are willing to go the extra mile for impact clients through extra value creation.