Synergise and optimise your sales and marketing efforts with best-in-class B2B sales funnels with LightningSloth’s Pardot consulting and implementation services.

We offer SalesForce Pardot services for marketing and sales optimisation at 3 levels: Basic, Advanced, and Custom.

Pardot Basic

Focus: implementation-heavy

Use cases: Small-to-mid-sized deployment implementation; minor reconfiguration, Pardot trials

Pardot Advanced

Focus: balanced between solutioning and implementation

Use cases: Small-to-mid-sized deployment from scratch; substantial reconfiguration

Pardot Custom

Focus: implementation-heavy

Use cases: Mid-to-large-sized deployments from scratch; total overhauls

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Our Certified Pardot Consultants work with your sales and marketing teams to identify and analyse your needs, develop targeted solutions, and implement the best solutions for maximum RoI.

In-depth website tracking

Includes page actions and point-of-contact tracking for observing prospect origins and site search for an improved user experience.


Campaign management for everything from social media to advertising, connected to your SalesForce, with tracking of converstion points for a better prospect map.

Landing pages and forms

We craft beautiful landing pages and progressive forms for smooth customer journeys, or integrate your your current forms with your Pardot deployment.

Lead journeys

We build lead generation journeys to convert prospects into leads, nurture journeys to drive prospects down the sales path, and event journeys to market your current events.

Social media connectors

Scheduling and analytics for social media posts to gather relevant metrics to pair with grapding/scoring, along with tracking of ad performance on social platforms.

Email templates

We design beautiful and effective text/email templates for outreach efforts such as newsletters and events, with personalised content to improve open and click rates.

SalesForce Integration + Long-Term Management

SalesForce offers full integration with Pardot, which allows Pardot to follow the same processes as setup in Salesforce.

This way, your sales and marketing teams can work in tandem without having to retrain for multiple platforms.

Also, we offer managed services of your Pardot deployment on retainer at competitive rates.

Want to manage your Pardot deployment yourself? No problem! We offer full handoff and training packages to all our clients.

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