with our marketing automation consultancy and implementation services.

The marketing services office of LightningSloth is led by Pooja Thorat, partner, and is located in Birmingham, UK, with teams also present in Pune, India. We offer the following services: Pardot for B2B businesses and SalesForce Marketing Cloud for B2C businesses.

Pardot is the best-in-class B2B digital marketing solution.

We help our clients build Pardot deployments to generate and nurture leads, and close leads with perfect timing for your cash flows. Our experts also build beautiful landing pages and forms for your website which integrate directly with your Pardot deployment and even SalesForce CRM.

Our SalesForce Certified Pardot Consultants work with your sales and marketing teams to identify and analyse your needs, develop targeted solutions, and implement the best solutions for maximum RoI.

SalesForce Marketing Cloud

SalesForce Marketing Cloud is the mother of Pardot. While Pardot specialises in B2B marketing, Marketing Cloud is generally geared towards B2C marketing.

We help you craft seamless and engaging experiences for your customers, from discovery to post-purchase evangelism.

Marketing in 2020

For marketing efforts to be successful, it is critical to have high engagement levels with prospects/customers combined with a consistent outreach. With more and more businesses now focusing their marketing efforts towards digital marketing, it becomes necessary to analyse and understand if your current marketing techniques are giving you the best possible results.

To consistently have high engagement levels and be in your prospects head while they make their purchase decision, your marketers need the latest marketing automation technologies accompanied by the right strategy and expertise.

At Lightningsloth, you get both. Our certified marketing consultants have implemented, managed and delivered results using marketing automation technologies like Pardot, SalesForce Marketing Cloud, Mailchimp among many others. We have worked with clients across varied industries (financial services, wineries, hospitality, business services etc.) requiring B2B and B2C marketing consulting to help achieve their marketing goals.

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