Supercharge your visual communication across the board with LightningSloth’s graphic design services.

We offer graphic design services at 3 levels: one-time commissions, comprehensive projects, and design languages.

One-Time Commissions

Focus: single projects

Ideal for small projects, early relationships, test projects, synergies with other LightningSloth offerings

Comprehensive Projects

Focus: larger projects

Ideal for large projects with bulk discounts compared to one-time commissions; creation of multiple assets or pieces of collateral

Design Languages

Focus: long-term use

Development of large-scale, long-term usage systems of design assets to be used in branding, UI, or collateral production


On the spectrum from perfectly functional to purely artistic, our graphic designers, art directors, and communication experts have you covered.

Print Collateral

Everything from business cards to large-scale signage. Minimalist, conservative collateral for your business needs. We also liaise with your print vendor or print and ship your collateral with our print and shipping partners.

Digital Collateral

Images for your social media presence, or assets for your website, including infographics and downloadables such as PDF’s.

We design pixel-perfect collateral for your web and social viewers. After all, these viewers are your future customers, investors, employees, and contractors.


We create digital ads for apps, websites, new digital media, social media, and search engine results. Synergy with our SEO+ services.

We also design print ads for newspapers, magazines, trade journals, etc.

Web Design

Corporate and e-commerce websites with beautiful landing pages, forms, the works.

Have a CMS preference? No problem, we work with industry standards such as WordPress/WooCommerce, Drupal, etc.

Need a custom CMS? Our tech office has you covered.

Logo Design

We craft impactful corporate logos, bolt-on logos for products/services, and campaign logos for outreach efforts.

With a larger scope, we also design full corporate identities for you, which synergise with our branding services.

Packaging Design

Emotive, well-researched, and shelf-worthy product packaging, designed within the constraints of print process and size.

Art Design

Book covers for print and e-books. Creative album art for multiple genres of music. Corporate merchandise design .

Environmental Design

Half a step below interior design. Both interior and environment design are launching soon at LightningSloth.

Editorial Design

For newspapers and magazines, both online and offline. Coming soon.

Production Lines + Offshore Production

For long-term production of assets and collateral, it makes little sense to commission repetitive small projects.

We offer managed services for production of communication assets for our clients at competitive rates. You get to fire-and-forget your design request with a guaranteed turnaround time of 24 hours, with a dedicated fulfilment executive as your point-of-contact.

For print collateral, we also offer printing and shipping through our partners based in Pune, MH, India for even better cost savings.

Want to offshore rather than outsource? We can help with that!

Graphic Design in 2020

Professional visual communication is essential for achieving company goals, be they sales, marketing, operations, or hiring goals. It is critical to produce consistent visuals and copy on time, while maintaining a digital-first, mobile-first approach.

Nowadays, it’s easy to value cool factor and beauty over the purpose of the work. It’s best to remember that form and function are equals, but function is more equal than form.

At LightningSloth, we provide you both professional graphic design on strict deadlines, and the focus on the human factor reader-centric aspect. We help you efficiently earn customers, bring investors on board, and hire the best people for your enterprise through elegant, functional, and consistent visual communication.

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