with our design services.

The design+ team is led by Akshay Vaidya, managing partner, and is located in Undri, MH, India. We offer the following services: branding, web/mobile UI, and graphic design.

Brand Strategy

Your brand is the positive way in which your customers perceive you.

And we make it happen.

Our brand consultants work with your teams to analyse the markets you serve and your competitors, with a focus on the people.

Based on our analyses, we suggest positioning strategies for your enterprise.

We develop design languages which include pieces of copy, key words and phrases, graphic and photo assets, construction grids, and recommendations for production.

Our consultants take special care to integrate the brand systems we create with the existing and planned efforts of your sales, marketing, and operations teams.

Mobile and Web UI

We live in the age of mobile apps.

Our UI designers develop design clean, functional, and pleasing interfaces for your digital products, be they for computer or mobile screens.

We work on industry-standard platforms such as Adobe XD and Sketch to smoothly hand off design to development teams.

Developing in-house? We will work with your front-end devs to get your product out in time.

Need app development? No problem, our tech office has you covered.

At LightningSloth, we practise conservative graphic design.

This implies formal grids, primary colours, and basic shapes. Simplicity and elegance in collateral design.

Our design consultants work with you to identify powerful fonts, an appropriate colour palette, and the correct gestalt to bring all elements together for maximum effectiveness.

We offer full-service production lines for long-term work at competitive rates. Our designers produce your collateral from our offices at quick turnaround times.

Also, we offer offshore production for clients at our print partners’ facilities in Pune. We oversee the creation of your collateral and ship it to you at a fraction of the cost you are paying today.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

“-Steve Jobs”

Ethic, Aesthetic, and Methodology

Design to us and our clients, is a business strategy thing; the pretty pictures thing is the final stretch. Designers, first and foremost, are professionals who put humans at the centre of systems when solving problems.

It is the ethic of bringing stakeholders together and balancing tradeoffs that defines us as designers.

A powerful set of methodologies assists us in our quest to provide design solutions to our clients. Asking the correct questions, gaining human-centric insights, identifying latent needs. These are the things that matter when designing solutions to human problems.

We believe that beauty is like joy: the more you chase it, the more elusive it is.

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