We work alongside clients to identify, develop, and implement winning strategies that align resources and technology to fulfill their vision and mission.

Experience Design

We provide a comprehensive approach to human experiences based on understanding behaviors, needs, and motivations critical to the success of organisations, products, services, and processes.

User experience (UX): Experience design for applications, be they for mobile, web, or desktop. Clean user journeys for people, with delightful tactical waypoints while using your platform.

Customer experience (CX): Your sales process from finding the correct touchpoints to approach clients/consumers, to making sales, and converting consumers into evangelists for your enterprise

Employee experience (EX): Your hiring process from identifying the best people, to showcasing your superior employment policies, and onboarding your new hires comfortably


We facilitate end-to-end, our clients’s decisions to move processes to India. This includes identifying HR and logistical requirements, liaison with accountants and lawyers, accent training, and support with management.

The Pune angle: Pune (where we are based) is a large Indian city with a cosmopolitan, expat-friendly population, mild weather, and large pool of English-fluent workers. Our city also boasts the highest quality of life in India. This makes Pune not only the ideal destination for your Indian subsidiary, but also comfortable for your quarterly visits to it.

Offshoring to India has so much more potential than just labour arbitrage. If your products/services can find a home in the fast-growing economy of India, your subsidiary can be a launching point for entering the Indian market with our revolutionary research processes.

Want to test offshoring before committing to a set-up? LightningSloth Labs has you covered.


In today’s competitive marketplace, every company needs a cogent business strategy to grow revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer experience.

It is important to have a clearly defined strategy for an organization because it provides a true north and outlines measurable goals. Leading companies drive success by operationalising strategy and implementing roadmaps to unlock new capabilities across people, process, and technology.

At LightningSloth, we help clients grow revenue, reduce costs, and improve customer experience with executable strategies that help fulfill the overall mission and transform the organization.

Analytics + Insights

Make intelligent business decisions with actionable data.

The rise in data availability and rapid advancement of computing power has created significant opportunity across markets. Organizations seeking competitive advantage must establish a modern data strategy and invest in well-developed technology to turn data into insights that enable actionable decision-making.

At LightningSloth, we work with clients to increase their analytic maturity, attack their market, and grow top-line revenue through data-driven strategies.

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