We are an independent interdisciplinary consultancy based in Pune, India.

Solve human problems for your enterprise’s positioning, products/services, and visual communication with our human-centric design services.

We offer branding, web and mobile UI, and graphic design services with a focus on clean, minimalist, and functional work that synergises with your dev and marketing paradigms.

Drive engagement, sales, and retention with your prospects, customers, and clients through our B2B and B2C marketing automation, email campaigns, and marketing cloud services.

We offer consulting and implementation for marketing automation technologies such as Pardot, SalesForce Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, and Mailchimp.

Develop and maintain applications, automation, cloud deployments, and websites with our competitive technology services.

We offer application development, cloud infrastructure management, chatbot development and maintenance, and custom content management systems.

Supercharge your enterprise potential by solving higher-order problems.

Our consultants use a wide range of methodologies and heuristic tools to empower your teams to define problems, create solutions, and future-proof your enterprise.

Our consultancy services include:

Experience design that puts humans at the centre of systems.

Offshoring that goes beyond the mathematics of labour arbitrage.

Business strategy that allows for tactical agility in execution.

Analytics that generate authentic insights from data.

Our value-added services bring together enterprise efforts into effective, holistic solutions.

We provide content creation, search engine optimisation, and social media management through our roster of in-house experts and trusted partners.


LightningSloth Labs offers innovation solutions to our clients.

A small budget for experimental design, marketing, or product can go a long way. And we facilitate results-driven experimentation in a creative environment at our innovation labs.

Constructivist design for a campaign.

Guerrilla email marketing.

Email us at incomng@lightningsloth.systems with labs in the subject line to work with LightningSloth Labs.


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Design Thinking

We apply design thinking: a powerful industry-agnostic set of tools for solving problems.

Our design thinking paradigm comprises a wide range of heuristic
methodologies —some developed by ourselves— empowered by a
disciplined state of mind and facilitated by communication skills.

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